Monday, September 20, 2010

Say You've Been With Me This Whole Time

And we're back to our regular scheduled programming. New York Fashion Week was a doozy and I've spent the past 72 hours in a semicomatose state drifting in and out of sleep, sorting through a mountain of gift bags and making half-hearted attempts to hang up the clothes that somehow ended up scattered across the floor of my apartment. I call it "Hurricane FW." Happens every time.

This week, I'm trying to wrap up any loose ends before I take off to Shanghai on Saturday--I'll be going as part of Charlotte Ronson's team as she opens up her very first store in China. Very exciting. Then, I'll be flying directly from Shanghai to Paris for yet another fashion week, after which I'll surely be spending another ridiculously extended period of time doing nothing but sleeping.

Fall is exhausting! And so, I thought the dress above was an appropriate one to post for today. It's by Kimberly Ovitz and it's one of my favorite ones to wear out at night, namely because it feels like I'm wearing a chic nightgown out. It's basically a super-soft, long, slouchy white t-shirt with a chunk of hemline cut out of it. Of course, I love. There's something really current about a dramatically asymmetrical hemline right now. I saw it on chic girls all over fashion week and nobody does it better than Kimberly Ovitz. Making myself a mental note to buy this little baby soon.

All pictures by Mark Iantosca. xoxo


  1. Wow, what a fabulous couple weeks! You'll be constantly exhausted, no doubt, but at least it's for good reason.

  2. you look stunning!!


  3. looks so DIY and so cute!


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