Monday, August 9, 2010

Daybreak Sky Lights Up the Grid We Live In

Battery Park City is by far one of my favorite places in NYC. I go walking along the piers by the water there at least once a week, stopping to sit on the grass for hours with a good book and my puppy. It reminds me of when I was growing up in the San Franciso Bay Area. My parents would always take me to the piers there where we would slurp up steaming bowls of New England clam chowders and act like tourists.

It's mid-August now, which means I am generally refusing to wear anything but shorts and t-shirts. My latest favorite iteration of that ensemble comes in the form of what I suspect are really meant to be worn to bed as pajama shorts--but the tiny little floral Tucker shorts above are so cute and so comfortable that I can't resist wearing them out. To compensate, I wear them with the long-sleeved, light-weight Kimberly Ovitz knit you see in the pictures. Hey, at least my arms are covered, right?

Hope everyone's having a great Monday. All photos by the amazing Mark Iantosca. xo


  1. They are super cute! I need a pair of comfy shorts like them.

  2. your dog is so cute! love your shorts too

  3. I think they are lovely with that top, and you have such a cute little figure they don't look too "bedroom" to be outside.

  4. i love that top!
    and youre hair

  5. I love Battery Park, but I typically go only at night and sit at the very tip. My friend and I used to ride our bikes down there and it's so peaceful and quiet :)

  6. umm HOT shorts and may i please say this is one of the best blogs i have come across in a while. love the mix of beautiful clothes you have and the wonderful food and photography. your taste is pretty spot on with a good mix. that yellow dior cocktail??? HOLLA :]

  7. Thanks so much! Love reading all the comments here. xo

  8. hey carol - i used to read your old elle blog and found your new blog recently...such lovely photos and your post back in january about life choices was pretty inspiring and thought-provoking. :)


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