Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Okay and You're Okay

During the summer months, I basically live in various iterations of shorts-and-a-t-shirt. Siwy denim cut-offs with drapey tanks, my little black Kim Ovitz shorts with just about everything, and most recently, an ankle-length semi-sheer Opening Ceremony t-shirt dress that I snagged at their sample sale for $50 with little nude boyshorts underneath (yes, that counts). When it's hot outside, I can't really be bothered with outfits that get any more complicated than that.

My current favorite version of that uniform comes via Vena Cava. I'm obsessed with their little acid-wash-denim print shorts and their amazing easy-to-DIY safety-pin-and-bead necklace. The little t-shirt I'm wearing is another closet staple of mine by Kain. I must have at least a dozen of them by now--they are seriously the best t-shirts around. Shoes are Jessica Simpson. xo

P.S. All photographs taken by Mark Iantosca. Take a look at his photo blog for more amazing pictures.


  1. Chan, I love your guts so hard.

    life intern, partner, looloo

  2. Great outfit. Just found your blog through Twitter - will be following through BlogLovin. You have great style.


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