Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Have Admired Every Man Desires

I'm super in love with this new line called Barlow I recently discovered. It's designed by a girl named Molly Girard Coonan, who named the line after her best friend Alice Barlow. I'm a total sucker for stories about tight-knit girlfriends, mainly because my own girlfriends play such a large, important role in my life. Anyway, Coonan was a design assistant at Cynthia Vincent before embarking on her very own venture, combining the femininity she honed at Vincent with a more tomboy vibe. The results come in the form of second-skin black leather, snakeskin cut-out vests, flirty black lace, and simple basic pieces with interesting points of differentiation (i.e. a white boyfriend button-down with a sheer black lace back).

Coonan's got some friends in high places, which certainly doesn't hurt her cause; Blake Lively hosted her launch dinner at Los Feliz a few weeks ago and brought Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley with her (swoon).

You can get it at Shopbop. xoxo

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