Monday, March 8, 2010

Preview of a Screening, Flashback of a Feeling

A group of gorgeous gothy kids gather at the Tribeca Grand screening room to revisit early 90s movie, The Crow.
  Me and Amanda Leigh Dunn.

The gorgeous Vanna Youngstein (a.k.a. Vanna Kitty)

Becka Diamond and Matt Kays.

 Ian Bradley.

Laura Helms.

Rayna Cummings and Steven Rojas.

Andrew Mukamal.

Tommy Saleh in his office at the Tribeca Grand.

Naomi Thomas and Tommy Saleh.

Bevy Reyes and Matt Kays being camera shy.

It occurred to me one day that the fall 2010 collections were bearing a striking resemblance to the dark, goth, dangerous people and streets of early 90s movie, The Crow. If you take a look at the runways of Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra, Rick Owens, Versus, Ann Demeulemeester, and Gareth Pugh, just to name a few, a lot of the looks could've been taken straight off of the late Jason Lee's back. Think black leather, inky feathers, paper-pale skin, and a foreboding moodiness that could rip your heart out if provoked. I love it all. 

And so, we decided to have a screening of The Crow in honor of all the goth rock 'n roll style it had inspired. It was fun night with close friends and it brought back a lot of memories of a teenage phase during which all I wanted to do was wear black, pile on the eyeliner, and pout into my journal. Looks like I'll be reliving said phase come fall. 

All pictures taken with my Lomography camera, which is one of my favorite contraptions in the whole wide world. xx


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