Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Passion is Accurate

Everytime I begin to think that Kate Moss has just about had it (i.e. that time untouched paparazzi shots of her clearly aging and weather-beaten face emerged), she does something like this that makes me worship her all over again. Amongst all the Lara Stones, Agyness Deyns, Kim Noordas, and Vlada Whatevers out there, there just isn't any newbie model that can compare to the legendary Miss Moss (although Lara does come close). I think it may have something to do with that live-fast-die-young bad ass attitude she embodies even well into her mid-thirties. Or maybe it's her awesome style. Or maybe it's just the fact that she looks like that naked on a beach. In her mid-thirties. Sigh.

This was shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Hommes International's Spring 2010 issue. (via Fashion Gone Rogue).

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