Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Burberry Fall 2010 Live 3D Screening

Me and Becka Diamond in our Burberry 3D glasses. Genius.

One of my favorite bloggers, Bryan Boy. He turned into a mini-celebrity during NY Fashion Week, and from what I gather was chased around Milan by the paparazzi as well! Bloggers really are the new starlets!

Becka looking gorgeous as usual

The 3D presentation begins. It was definitely more exciting than Avatar!


This season, more than any other, it seems that every fashion brand under the sun has been desperately climbing on the social media and internet bandwagon at the last second, trying to stay relevant under a sudden realization that all of it really does matter. Bloggers have become the new celebrity, every other show live-streamed on one website or another, and the front rows were filled with frantically Tweeting editors. We're living through a sizable shift in focus, and that is truly exciting.

Burberry, however, showed them all up with a live 3D screening of the runway show in London, complete with special glasses that were infinitely chicer than the ones I had to wear at the Union
Square theater watching Avatar. Burberry is one fashion house that really seems to get it. They get it and they strategize smartly and they see results. Bravo. Also, their outerwear and black leather booties were seriously to die for this season. Double bravo. xx

P.S. All pictures taken with my Lomography camera, which I am thoroughly obsessed with. Beautiful,  non?

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