Monday, February 22, 2010

I Engineered a Heavy Heart

Krystal Simpson who writes one of my favorite style blogs What Is Reality Anyway, and Becka Diamond.
 Mark Holcomb and Andrew Mukamal
A few of my favorite fashion girls: May Kwok, Laura Helms, and Colleen Nika.
Vampire lover, Matt Kays
David Cho of The Awl
Love these girls: Alex Weiss and Elizabeth Monson (she writes Move Slightly, another great blog)

Just a few pictures taken with my genius Lomography camera at the Jeremy Scott after-party at newly opened spot Good Units at the Hudson Hotel. There's nothing like a night out with a bunch of fun friends to get you into good spirits, especially when you're overworked, foot-sore, sleep-deprived, and in the middle of fashion week.


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