Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pamela Love Spring 2011

Photos by Harry Beee.

Pamela Love is one of my current favorite jewelry designers--her pieces always have this tough, earthy, super substantial quality to them that I love. Her spring showing was predictably awesome with heavy, updated spikes, leather accents, grommets, and half-moon shapes that made me think of the sky. Want one of everything, por favor. All of these gorgeous photos taken by my friend and man-about-town Harry Beee


  1. i love her soo much! i would pile on allll her jewelry head to toe!

  2. Wow! It's fantastic! I would love all the spiky, grommety edginess paired with silky, lacy feminine dresses!

    I just came across your blog and it is so, so beautiful. All your images are stunning and what can be better than a blog about food and fashion??

    Looking forward to reading more..

  3. the jewelry rocks! its so amazing!


  4. This collection is truly amazing! Those huge bracelets and chains, i love them! I also like how she gave all the models the same tattoo, is that the one she has herself?

  5. Do you happen to know the names of the models? All the girls are so astonishingly beautiful, but I don't think I recognise any of their faces... I think the casting as well as styling for this presentation is impeccably done, for it brings out the best in Pamela Love's stunning collection.

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  10. Those huge bracelets and chains, i love them! I also like how she gave all the models the same tattoo, is that the one she has herself? chord gitar

  11. Those huge bracelets and chains, i love them! I also like how she gave all the models the same tattoo, is that the one she has herself? chord gitar

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